From Grandma

The term of the wedding is determined and you will get a hectic period. There is really a lot that needs to be ensured for its successful course. The whole family, including Grandma, is involved in preparations. She quietly disappears from the family meeting. After about ten minutes he returns with a small box in his hand. And young Fiancers will offer the most expensive thing left to her in common life, with the now surviving grandfather. The wedding rings that they exchanged during the wedding ceremony they two.
As New
The moment is really touching. All grandma's decision to cry. She wants the newlyweds to be dressed during the wedding ceremony. And he wants them to be able to live the same happy life as she had with her grandfather. The rings are like new ones. Grandma had them clearly left to clean the Goldsman. And to cover them, she left the date of your wedding, with names.