Door to your kitchen

The kitchen cabinet is one of the most striking design elements of the kitchen line. By choosing a suitable type of door, it is possible to induce an atmosphere in the kitchen area, which can easily capture the character of the owner of the kitchen and the nature of the kitchen itself.
In the first place, the door must be based on your idea of your future kitchen. In our e-shop you can choose between the following types: foliated, lacqued, acrylate doors and door of the massif. It is possible to work with all types of kitchen doors at once, combine them with each other and thus achieve maximum individualization.

Retirement age, so much debated question…

Complex calculations, when retired, can sometimes properly entangle your head. Do not despair and contact a specialised team that will take charge of your request.

Familiarize yourself with any parameters that influence the benefit of a particular time milestone when you retire. You can get all the information you need quickly and easily by addressing a professional company that can offer exclusive knowledge of disability and old-age pension issues. A qualified team of experts monitors all legislative changes and can react flexibly. When calculating your pension, treat yourself to the intensive care of the caring experts who will ensure that you are most satisfied with the amount of the pension granted.
Consider all alternatives

The question of retirement can trigger a carousel of jogging by offices, which you can save by contacting a knowledgeable expert who will save you not only precious time, but also money.

We offer rental all year round

You can enjoy your holiday on our chalets and cottages all year round. Every season has its own charm. In summer we travel for bathing and hiking, in winter for a skiing, in the autumn we mushroom and enjoy the different colours of nature. In the spring, you can spend Easter with your family in beautiful places. Our buildings offer Easter discounted packages for two hundred of them.
Choose by Topic
Because we want to make the selection as simple as possible, we have prepared thematic selections. To save, choose chalets and cottages with a discount. For those who are unable to be online, we offer objects with the internet! On the contrary, for people who want to have a saint's peace, we offer houses on solstines and semi-solnies. You really choose each one of you!

Honeybush your loved ones

Today's time offers us many products and all sorts of experiences that we could donate to others. But it is not important to prioritise quantity but product quality. Therefore, when you want to buy someone a gift, try to focus on it, which will become useful and practical for the other. The availability of natural products on the market is quite common today, so why some of them do not donate to someone for their fabulous beneficial effects? For example, create a gift basket from these products, among which do not forget the miracle Honeybush with a number of mineral and trace elements, which the favor endows with the delicious honey aroma will gain within a short moment.
Your organism is cheated
As soon as you start to indulge your body with only selected products that are based on nature, you will see that you feel physically and mentally much better than before. Therefore, treat your body with a diuretic effect, which will relieve toxic substances and prevent the establishment of various bacteria. Don't forget that health is really the most important!

We offer racks for various plants and warehouses

Sophisticated, quality and unique storage system, these are racks from a wide range of reputable companies, which has a wealth of experience in the field of rack systems.
Order racks from the market tip and become our reference customer. We can react flexibly to the needs of even the most demanding client. We have a great number of rack systems offered. For example, pallet racks allow economical solutions of various types of stock. They can store both typical and atypical pallets. We divide them into two types, entrance and transit, which are suitable for fast-moving warehouses with one type of goods. In addition, pallet rack systems are also available, making it enough for a single street for the entire block.

Other systems
The offer also includes other systems such as shelf, console and warehouse platforms. Find the best solution for yourself and contact our trained staff with the demand for selected goods.

From Grandma

The term of the wedding is determined and you will get a hectic period. There is really a lot that needs to be ensured for its successful course. The whole family, including Grandma, is involved in preparations. She quietly disappears from the family meeting. After about ten minutes he returns with a small box in his hand. And young Fiancers will offer the most expensive thing left to her in common life, with the now surviving grandfather. The wedding rings that they exchanged during the wedding ceremony they two.
As New
The moment is really touching. All grandma's decision to cry. She wants the newlyweds to be dressed during the wedding ceremony. And he wants them to be able to live the same happy life as she had with her grandfather. The rings are like new ones. Grandma had them clearly left to clean the Goldsman. And to cover them, she left the date of your wedding, with names.

Excellent material

Wood in man has long evokes a sense of comfort and comfort, which he so often intensively seeks and uses. Everybody will be pleased that we can experience such comfort in our home. Believe that the wooden floors will be the right thing to delight you and you will be pleased with it.

Wooden floors have a large number of advantages. If you don't think about it, you can find them in catalogs or on the Internet. Excellent insulating and thermal properties are a sure way. And many people also delight in their quick and easy maintenance, among others, they can be renovated already laid.
Excellent material

The wooden floors were already popular in the Middle Ages, when people realized their advantages. Their long life is absolutely great and the wood can never fall out of fashion. Thanks to its properties and appearance, such material is also searched nowadays and it is still more abundant.

Best armchairs

We would like to introduce you to a new group of office equipment we have prepared for you. This is a full-length armchair. We offer in upholstered and leather version. The armchairs are anatomically shaped to lighten your back. Our office chairs are available from 2.257 CZK.

In addition to comfort and stability, our office chairs allow you to choose variants with flip-off armrests, rocking mechanics, smooth height adjustment with a gas piston, hard wheels for soft floors, etc.

Top Product with warranty

Why not have the above standard already at standard prices and with warranty? Spoil your back with a new office ergonomically shaped armchair. Your office chairs will be glad to be the decoration of your office.

PVC windows

The reconstruction of the apartment takes place according to the plan and all that remains to be solved, what windows do we choose for their new housing? Decide for one small and profitable investment! What am I talking about? Choose PVC windows, which saves your worries too!

Your modern interior would make PVC windows decent like no other! You can also choose a specific window design that will fit perfectly into the interior of your apartment and you will like it! So choose the quality and then enjoy the beautiful moments of relaxation and wellbeing in your apartment! So it's supposed to be…
Advantages and maintenance of windows
PVC windows are not only easy to operate, but thanks to their waterproof and insulating properties will be popular not only by you, but also by your wallet. The heat is not leaking out, and you don't have to worry about wet parapets when you have a bigger storm or break. That's great, isn't it?

Job Interview

Our capital is the focal point of many Czech and foreign companies. If you're looking for a job and you've been invited to an interview, then don't let anything happen to chance. You need to prepare yourself for it, you don't want to go unnecessarily. Stay in the cheap accommodation in Prague and in the morning you will not get anywhere far.
For applicants
Many companies that are not in the city you live in invite their candidates to an online interview. This will save a lot of money for transportation or cheap accommodation in Prague. However, some companies still want personal contact, so if you do, you will have nothing more to do than to reach the place. In this case, it is better to arrive a day earlier to avoid possible delays in means of transport.