There are many songs

From different artists
Do you want to learn to sing or to hone in singing? Do you like modern songs and do not know words? Are you ashamed? Do not throw the flint in the Rye, we will help you. You know the karaoke lyrics, don't you?
Sing a group of songs
If you don't or you're not sure, it's just something for you. You can sing in the kitchen at home, and no one will hear you. You will get a DVD with musical background and karaoke lyrics-lyrics. And you put yourself in singing, you just need to follow the text line and listen to the music. If you are not completely musically unliterately, you have to hit the music with your singing.
It's a school and a fun
Try it. Buy a karaoke set with karaoke lyrics and sing, sing, sing. Or you can find this simple form of training in the form of a game on the website. Maybe singing will become your hobby and you will cease to be ashamed to sing in front of people. You make a piece of work on yourself and increase your self-esteem.

We offer wooden flooring from a proven manufacturer

We offer wooden flooring from a proven manufacturer. We have a wealth of experience and many satisfied customers. Different types of wood have very different characteristics and appearance. It is therefore necessary to choose carefully and to advise experts.
Wooden floors of domestic and exotic wood differ in price, drawing, colour, hardness, strength and durability. Not every type of wood fits into any interior. The wrong selection of wood can be manifested in reduced service life and faster wear, which would be a shame.
Favorite Material
Wood has always been a very popular and used material. Wooden floors have a long tradition, which is indicative of their quality and long service life. Their durability is also centuries if they are well maintained and renovated.

We offer quality cabinets

If you are solving a shortage of space in your home, the solution can be a roomy enclosure.
It is no longer the case that cabinets need to be heavy, sturdy and occupying unnecessarily space. Thanks to today's technology, they can be used in less accessible places, where you can use their location and warehouse space. It is not the exception that cabinets are made to measure, and you know that you will surely fit where you want them to be.
Use our Services
We are professionals in our field and we can create storage space in places where you might hardly expect it. Contact us, we will be glad to visit you and find a common solution to solve your lack of storage space.

Chalets and cottages promise great accommodation

My cottage is a server for your ideal Czech holiday. The offer of chalets and cottages is an offer of accommodation, in which there are various objects in the most beautiful locations of the Czech Republic. These are objects proven, suitable for a variety of purposes.
The offer of chalets Achalupy is not only wide in the amount of accommodation objects, but also in the diversity of their use. It depends on each client, if he spends the whole holiday, romantic weekend, or arranges a family celebration. The offer includes objects throughout the Czech Republic for clarity divided into seventeen areas.
Chalets and cottages in a wide offer
Choose from a selection of chalets and cottages proven accommodation that will guarantee your maximum satisfaction. The offer is not only wide, but the execution of the application is very fast and prices are really low.

Amazing holiday

The cottage and cottage, which is connected with the holiday, is no longer visible today, because almost everyone travels for a rest abroad. But many do not know that a holiday in his native country, the Czech Republic, can be much more interesting than just a whole day lying by the sea. It is important to choose the building and housing, which influences a lot of what experiences you bring with you from the holiday.
And with the help of choosing how the right cottage and cottage should look like, we are here! Since we are not only comfortable living, sleeping, etc., but about the whole concept of vacation in the sense of your relaxation, we have accurate information for you and about the surroundings of the cottage, or about where you can go to the countryside daily, for sights where you can take a bath Where you will be entertained with music in the evenings, etc.
The result is a wonderful holiday!
Thanks to us, our knowledge of objects suitable for a true Czech holiday you can have the best. You only have to have clear ideas and we will already choose how the right cottage and cottage will look for you.

New Sofas for You

Sofas are an irreplaceable companion to spend a long time in your living rooms. They add comfort and allow you to relax and therefore each home buys them. You should also have one great sofa at home. And just from us you can buy one of the best. Everyone likes it. The evening runs a great program on TV, and you stretch to your chair. Sofas allow for more use than just relaxing. It will serve you well as a tool for conversations, and if you choose a sofa from us, it will also become a frequently debated topic.
And you ask why?
Well, because we offer very elegant and great sofas. It's easy and simple. Just buy one sofa, and you have the requirements to relax. So with a taste!

Enjoy your purchase

Buying household equipment is not easy, it is an important step that requires careful selection, demanding planning and often does not represent a negligible investment. However, in the case of Pilsen furniture, the situation is different in many respects. Our very favorable prices with the possibility to purchase on installments will help you manage everything without worrying about the family budget. The excellent 3D visualization free for change simplifies planning and allows you to get a real idea of the finished device in advance.
For all rooms
For example, from our offer you will choose a modern and highly functional kitchen, which is a real gem of your house. Even the rooms, which usually do not serve to rest, can be an exhibition. However, you can also buy a bedroom or equipped living room, and you will be in the rest.

When the bike is not just a hobby

If your child has decided that the bike is not just a hobby, but the sport he intends to devote to at the top level, it will be necessary to pay more attention to all the details such as footwear and high-quality clothing. Thanks to the Luck bike treads, which are made directly tailored, your offspring will get the best you can give it and that's what you care about first and foremost.
Safe Driving protection
This is a shoe that provides strength and lightness, which makes your child very appreciated when driving. It is ergonone-shaped, supports the arch of the foot and is scoured in the axis of the pedal, knee, hip. It follows that this shoe is very considerate to the feet and health and provides safe protection during the ride, which is definitely not a piano ride.

We offer rental all year round

You can enjoy your holiday on our chalets and cottages all year round. Every season has its own charm. In summer we travel for bathing and hiking, in winter for a skiing, in the autumn we mushroom and enjoy the different colours of nature. In the spring, you can spend Easter with your family in beautiful places. Our buildings offer Easter discounted packages for two hundred of them.
Choose by Topic
Because we want to make the selection as simple as possible, we have prepared thematic selections. To save, choose chalets and cottages with a discount. For those who are unable to be online, we offer objects with the internet! On the contrary, for people who want to have a saint's peace, we offer houses on solstines and semi-solnies. You really choose each one of you!