We offer racks for various plants and warehouses

Sophisticated, quality and unique storage system, these are racks from a wide range of reputable companies, which has a wealth of experience in the field of rack systems.
Order racks from the market tip and become our reference customer. We can react flexibly to the needs of even the most demanding client. We have a great number of rack systems offered. For example, pallet racks allow economical solutions of various types of stock. They can store both typical and atypical pallets. We divide them into two types, entrance and transit, which are suitable for fast-moving warehouses with one type of goods. In addition, pallet rack systems are also available, making it enough for a single street for the entire block.

Other systems
The offer also includes other systems such as shelf, console and warehouse platforms. Find the best solution for yourself and contact our trained staff with the demand for selected goods.